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Depuration Moistening
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Cream-Balm "Roskozhnye Volosy" ("Luxurious Hair"), 30 ml

  It is intended for the nourishing, regeneration, acceleration hair growth, hairs strengthening, for the special care after the intensive coloration, discoloration and chemical action.

Effect: it has the strong regenerating effect due to the recovery of the silicon deficiency in hair follicles; the cream gives anti-inflammatory effect, restores the hair structure, improves the hair follicle nourishment, makes the hair luxuriant, voluminous and glossy.

Application: massaging motions rub into the scalp on hair partings, warm and leave for 1-2 hours or all night. Wash-off with a shampoo.

Composition: cosmetic lanoline, burdock oil, Oleum Ricini(castor oil plant), Oleum Hippophaes (sea buckthorn oil), wheat germ oil, olive oil, silicon biocomplex, Artemisia (wormwood) essential oil, Lavandula (lavender) essential oil, Cedrus (cedar) essential oil, Zincum compounds, vitamins A, E.

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Mival Oil, Hair Regeneration, 5 ampoules by 5 ml

  Mival oil is recommended for full or partial baldness, as well as for expressed hair loss (alopecia) for men and women, for slow growth of hair, seborrhea.

Effect: the oil stimulates the synthesis of proteins connective tissue, accelerate the hair growth due to the compensation of silicon shortage and the regulation of cell membranes permeability; activates the biochemical processes in the skin and in a hair bulb, it allows to decrease the skin greasiness and peeling, to restore the functioning of "dormant" hair follicles.

Application: apply the content of the ampoule on a purified head skin (read instruction for detail) and make the massage with fingertips during 2-3 minutes. Wash off with a shampoo after 1-8 hours.

The procedures are carried out 1-2 times a week. The course is 2-3 months. Chronical alopecia requires prolonged regular use of the Mival Oil during 3-12 months 1-2 times a week.

Composition: silicon biocomplex with Mival, oleinic acid, natural vegetable oils, vitamins A, E.

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