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 The Sismetica cosmetics is based on the biologically active silicon, this is the new line in cosmetology, beauty, including prophylaxis of alopecia (about hair growth regeneration look here: http://sismetica.com/?section=6)

Silicon is a very important  element for an any living organizm. This element is wrongly forgotten for cosmetology. "An any organizm can't exists without silicon", - has wrote the famous academician V.I. Vernadsky. In the seventies of the 20th century the World Health Organization has completely confirmed this thesis, has officially proclaimed that silicon is "the element of life". By that time academicians have computed that about 38% of our health is provided owing to silicon. An any important metabolic process can't does without silicon. With a lack of this trace element more than 70% biologically active elements are not absorbed by the organizm or it is absorbed wrong.

Besides many illnesses of the skin, hair, nail testify about  lack of the silicon. It is known that the biological age is determined by the metabolic processes speed. With the years the silicon content in the bone tissue, arteries, skin diminishes. On one's own the organizm can't recover the silicon deficiency.

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       Use the Sismetica cosmetics on the basis of silicon and you'll keep the youth  for a long time!